Mini Volcanoes


Year 9s have been focusing  on natural hazards this term such as—volcanoes and earthquakes. We decided to create our own mini exploding volcanic structures. We tested using mentos with coke and baking soda with vinegar; we found that the latter gave the best results! The Y9s produced creative models with the surviving volcanoes displayed in their classroom. .

Volcano built by year 9 class



Careers Fair 2015

On 15th Dec 2015, we had special female guests come along to inspire our Yr 10s and 6th formers to explore a range of career paths. Joining us were:

  • Medic
  • Nurse
  • Linguist
  • Magazine editor
  • Charity worker
  • Teacher
  • Artist 
  • Aalimah

The pupils were given a chance to interact with the guest speakers. While students provided positive feedback about the careers fair, the guests left with only praise for the students and their excellent conduct.


Maths trip to the Aquarium

Yr 10s travelled to  the London Aquarium on Fri 18th Dec 2015  with Ms Mamduha and Ms Hayat Mohamed as part of their curriculum on calculating volume. Learning Maths could not have been more exciting as Maths was taken outside the classroom! We calculated volume and area using fractions, ratios and percentages. We learnt about how structures in zoos and aquariums decide on the size of tanks in proportion to the amount of sea life that is kept there.


Ready for winter

​We  researched ​winter ​campaign​s​ ​that ​provides alerts and advice on potential extreme weather events, what actions to take, and the importance of thinking about more vulnerable members of the community.​