Computer Lab Appeal



Madani Girls' School is appealing to help rebuild its ICT lab. Computing has more and more become an integral part of our life and it is now a core skill every young learner must know. The school is investing in our young girls in order to ensure that our young Muslim girls are fully equipped for the world the world outside.

The computer lab will provide a state of the art center where students can meet there full potential.

The Imperial War Museum Trip

During the Spring term Year 9 and Year 8 students visited The Imperial War Museum to expand their  knowledge of the happenings of WW1 for their English lessons. They learnt about the history of WW1 and had an insight on how people in this period of time were impacted by the war. One of our teachers that have helped take care of our students, Miss Thasnim (Quran Department) said: “I found it interesting when we found out about the lifestyles of this from the WW1 period..


World Book day

World Book day took place on the 3rd March 2016. Madani celebrated the event on the 9th March 2016. Each classroom had been given a chosen topic to decorate their classrooms according to a themed genre of literature. This was a great whole school event which really does inspire book reading even more!

world bookday



St Pauls Cathedral Trip

On the 13th of April, Year 9’s and a few Year 10’s visited St Pauls Cathedral. This trip was for Ms Nasima’s students to learn a lot more about the Christian faith. Throughout the trip the students had made many discoveries and learnt many facts about the Christian religion. There were many artefacts and intricate designs that were amazing. Many of the students had said that the best part of the trip was climbing 1,000 steps of the Cathedral dome! The students had learnt much from this experience.

International day of people with disabilities

Our pupils were encourged to look at different disabilities and how scoiety treats disability. 

Our guest speaker, Ms Zamzam Hassan who suffers from Cerebral Palsy led an asssembly for our students. She discussed her diagnosis, her treatments, surgeries and life with Cerebral Palsy. 

Students were touched by her determination and positive attitude. Students stated that the assembly enlightened them and made them view disability differenctly. 


Warm hearts


warm hearts

MGS are supporting Muslim Aid’s ‘Warm Hearts Winter Campaign’ by collecting food items for the poor and needy. Students are competing with each form class to see which class can collect the most. Insha’Allah items will be collected by Muslim Aid after the holidays and winning class will be announced. Good luck everyone! May the best form class win!     




Mini Volcanoes


Year 9s have been focusing  on natural hazards this term such as—volcanoes and earthquakes. We decided to create our own mini exploding volcanic structures. We tested using mentos with coke and baking soda with vinegar; we found that the latter gave the best results! The Y9s produced creative models with the surviving volcanoes displayed in their classroom. .

Volcano built by year 9 class



Careers Fair 2015

On 15th Dec 2015, we had special female guests come along to inspire our Yr 10s and 6th formers to explore a range of career paths. Joining us were:

  • Medic
  • Nurse
  • Linguist
  • Magazine editor
  • Charity worker
  • Teacher
  • Artist 
  • Aalimah

The pupils were given a chance to interact with the guest speakers. While students provided positive feedback about the careers fair, the guests left with only praise for the students and their excellent conduct.