Holocaust Memorial Day

This week students looked at the Holocaust. They explored a vast number of topics throughout the week and the aim was was for our pupils to develop a deeper understanding of how we can ensure that a tragic event like this does not happen again. 

The Holocaust provided one of the most effective subjects for examining basic morals. 

Studying the Holocaust helped students to:

Understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism and sterotyping in any society.

Develop an awareness of the value of pluralism and an acceptance of diversicty 

Explore the dangers of remaining silent, apathertic, and indifferent to the opprerssion of others.

Think about the use and abuse of power as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals, organisations and nations when confronted with civil rights violations and/or policies of genocide.

Understand how a modern nation can utilise its technologocal expertise and bureaucratic infrastructure to implement destructive policies ranging from social engineering to genocide.