Healthy eating

healthy eating

Healthy eating is important for your body and mind; it will affect how you feel and your mood. Good nutrition is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle.

 Your diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of you getting diseases. Unhealthy diets can lead to obesity (the state of being overly fat). Nowadays most children/teenagers are obese because of the lack of education surrounding the topic of healthy eating and diet.

Even people with a healthy weight, having a poor diet can put them at risk of getting illnesses or can even lead to death, which is why it is very important for people to maintain a healthy diet.

Eating healthy also boosts your energy and improves your mood; it also includes eating your 5 a day as well as eating your breakfast. Skipping a meal does not help you lose weight so you should not skip breakfast because it helps you gain all the nutrients and vitamins you’ll need for the day.

Preparing your own meals at home keeps you in charge of what goes in your food so you know what you’re eating. It is especially important for school as the nutrients give your brain energy to concentrate during lessons.

Eat healthy food  and do exercise too!