Red Hand Day

Red Hand Day is an international day against the use of child soldiers. Pupils looked at the treatment of child soldiers designed for children. From the 1st of feburary to the 9th Feburary, pupils were assigned a different task. 

Each class, deigned either a campaign against child soldiers, a role play on child soldiers, an informative speech against child soldiers or a poem against child soldiers. 

A speaker from Amnesty International delivered an assembly on the 7th Feburary and apoke to the pupils about child soldiers. 


Lost Aspirations- poem by a student

If I wasn’t a soldier

I’d be driving off to work suited and booted,

Instead of watching painful deaths after being shooted.


If I wasn’t a soldier

I’d be a vet, saving poor worthy lives,

Instead of blood-shedding with knives.


If I wasn’t a soldier

I’d be a teacher, spreading knowledge and education,

Instead of believing murder as a salvation.


If I wasn’t a soldier

I’d be a child,

Playing in the fields-

Running free, running wild.


But… Im not just a child-

Im not me…

Im a soldier

With lost aspirations.