Ready for winter

​We  researched ​winter ​campaign​s​ ​that ​provides alerts and advice on potential extreme weather events, what actions to take, and the importance of thinking about more vulnerable members of the community.​

We completed ​activities​ during form time​ to think about and discuss the challenges of winter and how they can act responsibly to reduce the risks.​ ​We should also encouraged to dress appropriately during the winter term e.g. socks, coats etc.

Winter ​is seen as a blessing for the believers due to its long nights​.​ ​T​ahajjud ​s​alah is easier to pray during the winter as Fajr starts later. ​Students will understand the virtues of tahajjud time ​and how the pious people of the past saw winter as a booty for the believers- easy to attain good deeds.

Short days are a great opportunity to fast especially for those who find fasting a little difficult. ​Those of us who have not made up broken fasts, this is a good time to do so and to support one another by perhaps doing them together within their circle of friends.

How the atmosphere of winter reflects the temporary nature of the world. The bare trees, the decrease in wild life ,the coming of night after a short day etc. ​They are ​encourage​d to reflect by observing the world around them.

The bitter cold of winter is one of the breaths of jahannam- reflection on the severity of Jahannam- the extreme heat of summer and extreme cold of winter as a reflection of Allah SWT control and might.

Gratitude for the blessing of clothing and heating facilities- how do people in third world countries deal with the cold. -

Some of us may find ourselves travelling between Asr and Maghrib times. Remember to recite duas and adhkar to protect ourselves from shayateen and unseen harm​. ​ Those travelling long distance should be encouraged to pray Asr salah before they leave for home.