The aim of the Madani Girls School anti-bullying policy is to prevent bullying of any sort and to ensure that everyone can operate in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. All members of the community, including the governing body, teaching and non-teaching staff, pupils and parents should have an understanding of what bullying is and be familiar with the School policy on bullying.

 The school has a system of rewards, which aims to motivate and encourage students as well as helping to build individual self-confidence and self-esteem. Madani Girls School Girls School values everyone’s unique contribution to our school community.

Everyone has a responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all students and all staff has a duty of care, to ensure our students are protected from harm. It must be noted that to allow or condone bullying may lead to consideration under child protection and safeguarding procedures.

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