Behaviour policy

The maintenance of good discipline is of paramount importance for the growth, welfare and development of pupils. At Madani Girls School, we aspire to instil good discipline amongst our pupils through a focus on Islamic Akhlaaq and Aadaab. We believe that pupils should be given clear expectations, effective pastoral support and opportunities to build good social relationships. These aims are backed up by a system of rewards and where necessary appropriate sanctions.

The school exists for the benefit of its pupils. All pupils, staff, parents and others associated with the school are required to work together in a spirit of co-operation and understanding. Pupils are actively encouraged to fulfil their potential academically, and in all other school activities that they are involved in. Pupils are expected to relate well and to behave considerately towards others. We live in a society where social skills are vital to our well being, and learning to interact with others is therefore a critical part of education. Pupils are reminded of the importance of respecting others, whether inside or outside school. Selfish actions are therefore to be discouraged, whether these actions are of a minor nature (e.g. dropping litter or wasting paper) or of a major nature (e.g. fighting, bullying, vandalism or theft).

It is the duty of all associated with the school to have high expectations and to strive to uphold our reputation, not just in accordance to school rules but also in keeping with our Islamic ethos.

All of our school rules are based on the twin concept of ‘rights and responsibility’. Fulfilling one’s responsibility toward another is actually fulfilling their rights. As our rights are other people’s responsibility, other people’s rights are also our responsibility. The rules are no more or less than a statement of everyone’s responsibilities.

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